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Albums by Kamala
Joyful Things

Joyful Things
Children's Songs by Kamala

This beautiful collection of songs ranges from cheerful sing-alongs to inspirational quiet-time melodies. The Neo-Humanistic theme of this album shows the Oneness behind all things and the unity of all people.


Kiirtans by Kamala with Peter Spraque

From the cover: "Spiritual awakenings are sometimes gradual, sometimes sudden. We awaken to a greater sense of Self, we awaken to love, we awaken to our interconnectedness with all things, and to the responsibility that goes with it.

Heart of the Mystic Heart of The Mystic
Kiirtans by Kamala with Tina Tourin

Probably the most popular kiirtan CD ever made. This album features beautiful voices backed up by harps and cello. Truly angelic and deeply spiritual.
Living in the Moon Living in the Moon
By Kamala with Peter Spraque

"I heard someone say that if we destroy the earth we may all have to live in the moon.  But perhaps we all need to learn to "live in the moon" now.

Unseen World Unseen World
by Kamala and Friends

A vibrant collection of kiirtans from Down Under- great to sing and dance along with.

About Kamala

Photo of Kamala

I live in Queensland, Australia on a beautiful spiritual cooperative community. I originally founded InnerSong in the mid '80s and have been happy to see its international growth. I've recorded seven albums and helped in the birthing of many more by artists from around the world.

These days my life is centered around my two young sons and two teenage stepsons, and I'm also very involved with the Ananda Marga River School. I've been meditating for a quarter of a century and feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to incorporate some of the beauty of spirituality into music that everyone can enjoy.

Mantra music (also called kiirtan) is the ancient practice of singing a highly vibrated phrase for spiritual upliftment, healing and creating a positive vibrations. These albums use the Sanskrit mantra Baba Nam Kevalam. This can be translated loosely as "Divine love is all there is" or "Everything is a manifestation of pure consciousness."

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