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by Jyoshna and the Modhu Rasa

Recorded in New Zealand, this album is Jyoshna's largest work to date, with beautiful tunes, arrangements and singing. The album comes with a booklet that includes lyrics and translations and guitar chords for the kiirtan tunes.

"I am very excited about the new album, its the biggest project I have ever done. I wrote a piece called the Creation, its Ananda Sutram 1 -25. I scored it for voice, cello, violin etc and it was really scarey to do, but its done and its 25 minurtes long. The whole album is 70 minutes, and its based on the format Shrii Shrii Anandamurti gave for Dharmacakra, so it has 2 Prabhat Samgiit, then 2 Kiirtans,then Samgacccadvam, then a short meditation piece then Nityam shudam, Akhanda mandala then finally for Dharma shastra there is Ananda Sutram." - Jyoshna



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Track List

1.   Vajra Kathora
2.   Bandhu Amar
3.   Ananda Sutram Kiirtan
4.   Break Down Kiirtan
5.   Samgaccadvam
6.   Forest Meditation Song
7.   Nityam Shudam & Akhanda Mandala
8.   The Creation Song Cycle

2014 InnerSong