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Avarta Kiirtan

Avarta Kiirtan Live

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by Sunrise Eireanne and Jyosna Latrobe

Jyosna Latrobe is the music producer on this album of kiirtans full of love and loss. Travelling kiirtans, ecstatic blissful kiirtans, where you feel you are never alone, that you are loved, that gurus grace is everything, and that there is beauty, and compassion in the world.

The first track has six kiirtan tunes preformed continuously for Avarta Kiirtan. The second track has one kiirtan for meditation.



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Track List

1a.   Irish Travelling Kiirtan
1b.   We are not Alone Kiirtan
1c.   When there is Light Kiirtan
1d.   Jhorchuta
1e.   For Grace
1f.   Jhirnu Vishirna
2   Surrender Kiirtan for Meditation


2014 InnerSong