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Red Earth Fusion
Kirtans from the Rarh Tradition

Red Earth Fusion

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by Jyosna.

This album of traditional and contemporary Rarhi inspired kiirtans was performed 'live' at Sudhira's Studio Gallery at Ananda Kanaan, Summer 2006. It includes vocals by Jyosna, Anjali, Giita, Didi Anumaya, Didi Cirasmita, Didi Prema, and Didi Ananda Ragamaya.



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track list

1.   Daspera Raginii
2.   Radha's Longing
3.   Sunni
4.   Daspera Raginii finale
5.   Lover / Beloved
6.   Cascading Tears
7.   Shiva Rainjan

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