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Cosmic Mantra

Cosmic Mantra

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by The Bhaktas

On this album the Bhaktas play traditional indian mantra bhajans and chants in a contemporary electronic style, opening a new way with heartful cosmic meditation music, which bridges traditional vedic songs and modern sound worlds. Let there be LOVE & DEVOTION all around!

The Bhaktas started around 2003 recording some Bhajans with dada Devavratananda tos upport charity projects. Recently the Bhaktas are back, touring the world, playing live Electronic Mantra concerts at Alternative Music, Spiritual and Yoga festivals. The musicians are Phanendra (composing, sound design, electronics) and Amala on vocals.



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Track List

1.   Eso Eso
2.   Gayatri Mantra
3.   Cosmic Mantra
4.   Samgacchadvam
5.   Il Fiume
6.   Pitr Purusebhyo Namah
7.   Clarion Call
8.   Hari Krishna
9.   Guru Puja

2014 InnerSong