Harp Seal Lullaby

Christina Tourin


When Christina learned that the little harp seal pup was being hunted for it’s pure white pelt, her heart and energies went out for their protection. The crystal harp produces similar bell-like sounds that are often heard in the underwater calls of the Seals. The haunting refrains of the wooden flute and the panpipes sustain the melodies over the ripple of harp strings. The ocean is ever-so-softly present, lulling us into dreamland. This 70-minute album is perfect for massage and meditation. Music from Scotland and Ireland, and the beautiful Concierto for Aranjuez by Rodrigo are featured along with Christina’s original compositions.

Seal Lullaby
The Silkie
Shores of Kilcrohane
The Seal Woman's Croon
Harbor Cove
Song of the Seals
Concerto de Aranjuez
Suo Gan
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