Mati Kahe

Vedanth Bharadwaj


Vbrations of contemporary strings, alluring the ears of our elders lost in their
spiritual journey, enthralling those who have read and wondered about them at
school, and paving the path for our children to explore their folklore, else this
mystic music will always remain a mystery.
Vedanth Bharadwaj seamlessly combines the strains of the guitar with Indian
folk music. Mati Kahe is a compilation of songs written by great mystic saints
from India, such as Kabir, Namdev, Purandaradas, Surdas, Tulasidas, Mirabai
and Guru Nanak

kinare lagav
binati jana
mati kahe
tarakya bindige
jiva prani
sumirana kara le
sri ramacandra
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