The name of this group translates from Sanskrit as “Peace through music”. Something magical happened in 2009 when four seasoned musicians came together for the first time and they realized there was no walking away from this creative opportunity. Together they pull together from their eclectic backgrounds of jazz, classical, Americana, blues, folk, reggae, Ghana, East Indian raga, bhajans, & Shabads to create an original sound that can both stir you to move while simultaneously inducing sublime meditative states. Recently, they were introduced to the Baba Nam Kevalam mantra and were inspired to make this album which contains five kiirtans as well as two bhajans, one based on words from Baba’s autobiography.

Mystery (Based On Baba's Autobiography)
Ekatana (Harmonious Song)
Zubha (Anything Bright And Beautiful)
Prabhu (Powerful)
Sapta (Seven Beats)
Shantiprema (Peace And Love)
Everyone In The World (Amma's Offering)
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