Suno Bhai

Vedanth Bharadwaj & Bhindu Malini


Vedanth Bharadwaj and BindhuMalini are musicians trained in Carnatic and
Hindustani Classical Music.Where their music meets is in the sound of the
guitar. Vedanth’s guitar is what the voices ride on and the songs capture a well
blended union of voices and the guitar.
The artists write, “Kabir and other mystic poets of India inspire us apart from
many other songs that are soul stirring and melodic in nature. The music we
make is a blend of a blend of Carnatic and Hindustani complimented by
western chords of the guitar. At the end of the day, we dwell in the resonance
of the voices and the strings of the guitar.”

Kaun Thagwa
Nirbhai Nirgun
Jhini Chadariya
Bhajo Re Bhaiya
Magan Bhayi
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