The Fire Dragon Suite

Dada Nabhanilananda


By popular request Dada has released his earliest recordings on CD for the first time. Much loved for their innocence and simplicity of spirit, these songs are unabashedly devotional and deeply moving. Musically it is very light – semi-acoustic, featuring guitar, voices, occasional harp and synth, with the odd rock number like Song for Freedom with its stirring chorus thrown in.

Like a secret childhood treasure being re-discovered, this charming collection of spiritual folk songs springs surprise after delightful surprise on the listener. The arrangements are relatively simple and suit the mood of devotional innocence perfectly. This is an album you’ll come back to again and again. Enchanting.

Pure emotion channeled through music towards the divine, it leaves a lasting impression.

The Fire Dragon
Sweetest Baba
Dewdrop in the Dawn
Unknown Traveller
Lead Me Onward
The Renunciates Song
Winters End
Winds of Change
Song for Freedom
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