The Kundalinii Express 3



The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the
world that travels through the Americas in the summer. Members of the
Kundalinii Express Band include Ananta, drums; Sara Giita, vocals; Jyosna,
vocals and guitar; Rasaviharii, bass guitar; Giita Tandero, vocals and guitar;
Jagatbandhu, harmonium and keyboard; Tapas, percussion, singing bowls and
All songs were recorded at live performances at the Zen Peacemaker Center,
Montague, MA, and North East Kingdom Music Festival, East Albany, VT as
part of Kundalinii Express 2007 summer to music festivals.

Akhanda Mandala
Rarh Kiirtan
Summer Song
Celestial Heart
Mermaid Song
I Will Thrive
Lord's Prayer
Letter Kiirtan
Unity Hours
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